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Watch me apply the final varnish to my latest 100cmx100cm acrylic painting. After applying 2 coats of transparent acrylic medium (isolation coat,) I apply 2 coats of varnish. The painting is now waterproof, and can be cleaned and restored without damage to the paint beneath. The isolation coat creates a protective barrier between the acrylic paint and the varnish.

Framing a small painting this Summer. I get so much satisfaction from the creative process: Prepping, painting, varnishing and finally framing an original work of art. Everything is done by hand and with much love.

Filming the 'Point to point' video with BBuzzArt, August 2018


Artist Videos

I displayed more recent paintings on the walls of my little studio. It's time to log and archive last years paintings before the big move to my new studio.

Making small black frames for a series of re-imagined landscape paintings I painted during the Summer of 2018. This is fun! *Always wear a professional mask.

Varnishing Fire Sky, one of my favorite paintings from 2018. The high-gloss varnish creates movement and makes the colors appear so much more vivid than I could have imagined, it looks amazing!!!

Laying down the drop cloth after finally moving to our new artist collective studio at Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 47. Won't be long now!

Incredibly grateful to BBuzzArt for creating this wonderful video. Some insight into my background and inspiration for my work. It also features my friend Crisalide d'Aria, also an artist, who paints with me in the studio from time to time.