The Water 2019. Collage. Found objects, industrial waste, plastic, spray paint and varnish on aluminum. There is a moment when you are under the water where you reach for the surface air, just before you break the water, your in-between place, at once scary, breathtaking and peaceful. The moment of blue light, a moment of serenity. I created this work using found industrial waste, plastic, aluminium and an old repainted wooden frame. Being aware of what we purchase, where it comes from and the waste associated with it is important to me as I try to use items more than once and try not to buy plastic, or at least re-use it to create something that won't just end up in a dump or in the sea. This collage is ready to hang. 30x30cm. Orfhlaith Egan Art, Berlin and Cornamona.



The Water  2019


Found objects, industrial plastic, spray paint and varnish on aluminum and wooden frame, ready to hang

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