The Peninsula  2019


acrylic paint on paper

Preliminary sketch landscape painting

Acrylic paint and varnish on paper

Currently exhibited at Freyer Marktforschung, Joachimsthaler Straße 10, 10719 Berlin, as part of a permanent group exhibition: 3 Painters

Paintings on Paper

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Lake Study Dooras Cornamona  2020


acrylic on paper

Wabi-sabi. Accidental Beauty, watercolor on paper by Irish artist Orfhlaith Egan.
Preliminary Sketch for a painting. Acrylic paint on paper by Irish artist Orfhlaith Egan. Ongoing exhibition, 3 Painters, Freyer Marktforschung, Joachimsthalerstraße 10, 10719 Berlin.
Corrib Lake Study Dooras Cornamona 2020. 60x42cm. Acrylic on paper. Contemporary Irish Landscape painting by Orfhlaith Egan, Cornamona, Galway, Ireland.

A Soft Day II  2019


acrylic and aquarelle on paper

to see it in the studio, click here

Watercolor Study 30x40cm

Watercolor on paper

The Cove. 2019. 56x42cm. Acrylic on 300grm. paper. Watercolor by Orfhlaith Egan Art, Berlin and Cornamona.
The Peninsula 2019. The neon series. 48x36cm. Acrylic on paper. The neon landscape collection by Orfhlaith Egan, Berlin and Cornamona.


 Maam Cross  2017


Ink and chalk pastel on 300g watercolor paper

Maam Cross. 34x48cm. Re-imagined Connemara Lanscape. Pastels and Ink on 300grm. paper by Irish artist Orfhlaith Egan. Berlin, Germany.
A Soft Day II. 2019. Acrylic and aquarelle on paper. Abstract Irish landscape painting by Orfhlaith Egan, Berlin and Cornamona.

Inis Dooras/Peninsula and Islands  2019


acrylic on repurposed paper

Inis Dooras/Peninsula and Islands 2019. The Neon Series. 70x50cm. Abstract neon landscapes by Orfhlaith Egan, Berlin and Cornamona.

The Cove  2019


acrylic on 300grm. paper