Open Sea Coral Sky


acrylic on canvas

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Violet Blues Lake After Klimt 2020. 60x42cm A2. Acrylic on Paper. Landscape and Seascape painting by artist Orfhlaith Egan, Berlin.

Blue Atlantic


acrylic on canvas

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Journey 2019. 100x100cm. Acrylic on canvas, varnished. Orfhlaith Egan Art. Berlin/Cornamona.


Orfhlaith Egan | Open Sea Warm Current

A restorative seascape painting to sooth the mind and relax the body. Feeling overwhelmed I focus on the horizon and allow my breath to return to its natural rhythm. Maintaining awareness and remaining calm, inescapably a part of nature, I repeat this restorative mantra:

'I do enough, I have enough, I am enough.'

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Yellow Sky Pink Sun 2020. 80x100cm. Acrylic on Canvas. Malaga Andalucia Landscape Painting by Orfhlaith Egan, Berlin.
Open Sea Warm Current Original Acrylic Seascape Painting by Orfhlaith Egan

Seascape Paintings

Open Sea Coral Sky Original Seascape Painting by Orfhlaith Egan. Berlin and Galway.

Orfhlaith Egan Art, Krischanweg 42b 12359 Berlin

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A Painted Sky


acrylic on canvas

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acrylic paint on canvas


Blue Atlantic. 2020. 60x50cm. Acrylic on canvas seascape painting by Orfhlaith Egan Berlin and Cornamona.
A Painted Sky 2019. 100x100cm. Acrylic on canvas. Seascape Island Painting by Orfhlaith Egan

Yellow Sky Pink Sun


acrylic on canvas

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Violet Blues

60x42cm (A2)
acrylic on paper


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