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Georgia Green Wizard. Digital Abstract. Original artwork by Orfhlaith Egan @orlainberlin KnownOrigin Collection NFT Creator Address: 0x00b753146BBd6afde3D6e87b5afCad89c46C6039
Skye Blue. Original artwork by Orfhlaith Egan September 5th 2021. TEIA NFT Creator Address: tz1ViMzA17dRAZpCopuckBHdphMua26YDVgN
Adele. March 2022. Orfula by Orfhlaith Egan on Versum.
FIRESTARTER. January 2022. orlainberlin X KRANKARTA at fxhash. Generative art.
Stepping Stones by Orfhlaith Egan on Objkt.com @orlainberlin Hand-painted landscape combined with digital pixelsorting
094 Orfula by Orfhlaith Egan. Studies with color and light, digital still. 2021.
Morning Fog. Hand-painted canvas, scanned and converted to digitally enhanced still by Orfhlaith Egan @orlainberlin ~ June 2022 available on Objkt.com

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015. Digital Abstract by Orfhlaith Egan at Dartroom.
A Rising Tide. January 2022. Orfhlaith Egan on Versum.


Orfhlaith Egan

Artist interview: Slowing down with Orfhlaith Egan by Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez for iillucid.com May 2021
Ravello by Orfhlaith Egan on Teia.art
Monochrome Burst. Hand-painted, scanned and converted to digital still. Digital signature NFT artwork available at Knownorigin.io @orlainberlin
Intangable Elements​