The Road. Hand-painted canvas, scanned and converted to digitally enhanced still by Orfhlaith Egan @orlainberlin, July 2022

Orfhlaith Egan

Rain Clouds Hand-painted canvas, scanned and converted to digitally enhanced still by Orfhlaith Egan. Galway and Berlin, October 2022.


Monochrome Burst. Hand-painted, scanned and converted to digital still. Digital signature NFT artwork available at @orlainberlin
Artist interview: Slowing down with Orfhlaith Egan by Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez for May 2021
015. Digital Abstract by Orfhlaith Egan at Dartroom.
Rise Up I Original artwork by Orfhlaith Egan. Created for the INTO THE UNKNOWN exhibition by despace Berlin and NFT Club Berlin at the Next Block Expo, Berlin. November 2022.
094 Orfula by Orfhlaith Egan. Studies with color and light, digital still. 2021.
Ravello by Orfhlaith Egan on

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The nbswwit Collection
Georgia Green Wizard. Digital Abstract. Original artwork by Orfhlaith Egan @orlainberlin KnownOrigin Collection NFT Creator Address: 0x00b753146BBd6afde3D6e87b5afCad89c46C6039
FIRESTARTER. January 2022. orlainberlin X KRANKARTA at fxhash. Generative art.
Skye Blue. Original artwork by Orfhlaith Egan September 5th 2021. TEIA NFT Creator Address: tz1ViMzA17dRAZpCopuckBHdphMua26YDVgN
Adele. March 2022. Orfula by Orfhlaith Egan on Versum.
Lough Corrib South Lake Inspired by the landscape of my youth, when I painted whenever it rained. Sometimes things are as simple as they seem. Today I dream of days, stones thrown into waves. There it feels like the edge of the world, picturesque and mythical. It speaks in its own way, like the siren song of past lives. Is this where I’m from? Who was I then? Who am I now? Shaping my journey, leaving footprints to pass on to whatever follows. Old echoes of wonder. I don’t learn, I remember. Created for the IN TOUCH - ART IN THE AGE OF POST NFT-ism exhibition in Dekabinett, Berlin. Curated by Vertical Crypto Art and Anika Meier. Hand-painted canvas, scanned and converted to digitally enhanced still by Orfhlaith Egan. Berlin, September 2022.
by Cryptone
Intangable Elements​
Psychedelic minimalism has arrived in this take on a night landscape, created digitally, nostalgic and mystical, just in time for Samhain. Night Nostalgia by Galway artist Orfhlaith Egan @orlainberlin
THE TICKLE - Issue #52 - The Birthday Issue - Special 1/1 Orfhlaith Egan Edition Weekly magazine focused on contemporary art and creative writing.
A Rising Tide. January 2022. Orfhlaith Egan on Versum.
Berlin Love Haiku by Orfhlaith Egan on