Dusk  2020


acrylic on linen canvas

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Paintings embracing a more sensitive, slow-paced and kinder art experience

Starry Night. Mount Gable and Loch Corrib Nocturne Painting by Orfhlaith Egan. Berlin | Galway.
A reason to stop, look, take a breath and remember.

Orfhlaith Egan


The Green Room


acrylic on paper 300 g/м²

'A symbolic representation of a mental space for self-imposed rest, retreating from external influences to an internal 'green room'. Taking a break from exhausting self-interrogation, to relax, to prepare for a fresh start without worrying, concerned instead with what endures because nothing really changes, fundamentally. A paradoxical embracing of and escape from the familiar; a green light, mysterious yet urgent glows from a defined frame or portal, this painting can represent a life now more present and free in a deceptively fast-changing environment, learning to find purpose and acceptance in it as the cycle of nature continues.  A space of renewal and curiosity resides in the green room.' - Orfhlaith

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Green Room. Acrylic on Paper. Framed. Surreal fantasy emerald wizard of oz ambient painting by Orfhlaith Egan. Berlin and Galway.

Lake Garda

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Lake Garda. Original Landscape Sunset Painting by Orfhlaith Egan. Berlin and Galway.

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Mountains at Dusk. Original Nocturne Landscape Painting by Orfhlaith Egan. Berlin and Galway.