Palms and Waterlilies  2018


acrylic on canvas, varnished

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The South Lake Doon 2020. 80x100cm. Acrylic on canvas. Varnished. Framed black wood edge. Cornamona Connemara Landscape Painting by Orfhlaith Egan
Green Valley. Neon Series. 80x60cm. Acrylic on canvas. Neon landscape painting by Orfhlaith Egan, Berlin and Cornamona.

South Lake 4  2019

Palms and Waterlilies. 50x40cm. Acrylic on canvas. Original contemporary re-imagined dream landscape painting by Irish artist Orfhlaith Egan. Inspired by the poetry of William Butler Yeats and Kate Tempest and music by Debussy. Reflets de l'eau.

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Green Valley  2020


acrylic on canvas

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'Paintings embracing a more sensitive, slow-paced and kinder art experience.'

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'A reason to stop, look, take a breath and remember.'

Orfhlaith Egan


The South Lake - Doon  2020


acrylic on canvas, varnished satin matte, framed black wood edge

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The South Lake #4. 2019. 70x100cm. Acrylic on canvas, framed. New Lake paintings by Orfhlaith Egan, Berlin and Cornamona.