Born in Rotterdam, raised in Ireland, I am an artist dividing my time between art studios in Ireland and Berlin. Having completed a degree in History of Art at Trinity College Dublin in 1999, I worked and traveled around the world for 14 years before moving to Germany to focus on my art full-time.

Growing up in the West of Ireland influenced my exploration of the deeper memory world of archetypes and how they resonate in the landscape around me. My paintings, both representational and re-imagined, are memories that shape my ideas about the present and the future.

As a practice, painting becomes routine, and my memory predicts what it will be like to do things I have never done before. Spaces of (and for) imagination are central to my work and rather than specific topography or 'views' are a deeper reflection on nature and the ways it can develop my experience of the present, by means of an archetypal memory that is a thread I try to tease out in my paintings.

I like to think that my work is optimistic and extremely positive, creating a space of reflection and calm. Some paintings ask abstract questions, while others are simply a reason to pause; look; take a breath and remember.

I have taken part in group and solo exhibitions. My work has also been acquired for private collections worldwide.

Three of my artworks hang in the HSE Corporate Finance Center, Irish Government Building, Dublin, Ireland.

The Sea, The Sky

featured in BBuzzArt's September 2018 Curator's pick

Westival Gallery

Wed Oct 23rd - Mon Oct 28th 2019

Through an open call, artists were invited to submit work on Westival 2019’s theme, ‘Brittle / Fragile’. The result is an exciting and varied group show showcasing selected work from Irish and international artists, featuring sculpture, painting, drawing and photography.

 The theme proved a generous, many-headed muse, with artists responding in a huge variety of ways and presenting a multiplicity of creative interpretations – personal fragility, vulnerability as strength, frailty engendering feelings of protectiveness, the brittle geopolitical landscape, the fragility and ever-increasing vulnerability of our planet….

Curator's pick: What kinds of lines have you drawn?
By Bo ryung, Rhee

We keep drawing new lines. We draw lines between people. We follow the lines on the streets. We continue to draw the lines in the air or on paper until we meet our destination. Lines which could portray you or me and mountains or sea. Shaky lines; broken and reconnected lines; overlapping and erased lines; or strong as faith yet uncertain lines; corrected and redone lines. The lines artists draw reveal their worries and the meanings behind the lines in a solid form. Line itself is a track of life. What kinds of lines have they been drawing today living under the same sky? And what kinds of lines have you drawn today? I hope your life and the lines you have drawn will merge like a piece of painting...

Orfhlaith Egan. Irish artist. Original landscape paintings and drawings. Based in Galway and Berlin. Art studio & gallery, Berlin. Current exhibition at Freyer Marktforschung, Berlin.

Permanent Exhibition

3 Painters

in collaboration with Wüs Atelier // Gallery

Ongoing group exhibition at Freyer Marktforschung, Joachimsthalerstr. 10, 10719 Berlin

January 2017

Lough Coirib featured in  CANVAS: a blog by Saatchi Art

June 2018

Kunstfestival Ortstermin 18: Hoch hinaus!
Group Show, Atelier Artacta

Live freehand painting at Ulm Messe

5th & 6th November 2019

Group Exhibition. See new paintings by artist Orfhlaith Egan at Atelier Cocon Colore 12 & 13.01.2019. Berlin, Germany.

Exhibitions and other art related events

April 2018. Solo Exhibition. Beyond the Sea. Paintings and limited edition fine art prints by Irish artist Orfhlaith Egan. Vernissage 31.03.2018 Café Buchhandlung, Tucholskystraße 32, 10117 Berlin-Mitte.
What kind of lines have you drawn? Curator's pick Bbuzzart. The Sea, The Sky by Irish artist Orfhlaith Egan featured in Bbuzzart.
Mountains and the German Mind Translations from Gessner to Messner 1541-2009 Edited by Sean Ireton, Caroline Schaumann featuring Matterhorn painting cover design by Orfhlaith Egan Berlin 2020

Spring  2020

My painting, Matterhorn, features on the cover of Mountains and the German Mind Tranlations from Gessner to Messner 1541-2009 Edited by Sean Ireton, Caroline Schaumann, Emory University

Group Exhibition. See new paintings by artist Orfhlaith Egan at Atelier Cocon Colore 12 & 13.01.2019. Berlin, Germany.

April/May 2018

Solo exhibition

'Love Letters to the Ocean'

Group Exhibition

7 & 8th September 2019

October 2018

Featured by BBuzzArt: An Artist's Perspective

Love Letters to the Ocean. Group Exhibition. 7th & 8th September 2019. Atelier Cocon Colore, Amsterdamer Str. 6 13347 Berlin Wedding.

Geboren in Rotterdam, aufgewachsen in Irland, bin ich ein Künstlerin, die ihre Zeit zwischen Irland und Berlin aufteilt. Nachdem ich 1999 mein Studium der Kunstgeschichte am Trinity College Dublin abgeschlossen hatte, arbeitete und reiste ich 14 Jahre lang um die Welt, bevor ich nach Deutschland zog, um mich ganz auf meine Kunst zu konzentrieren.

Ich zolle unserer Welt Tribut, indem ich gegenständliche und neu erfundene Landschaften male, die die Größe der Natur feiern. Mein Aufwachsen im Westen Irlands beeinflusste mein Interesse an der Erforschung der tieferen Erinnerungswelt der Archetypen und wie sie in der Landschaft um mich herum nachklingen. Meine Bilder sind Erinnerungen, die meine Vorstellungen über die Gegenwart und die Zukunft prägen.

'Innere Zufriedenheit folgt dem Herzschlag der Natur'
- Alexander Hutner

Als Praxis wird das Malen zur Routine, und mein Gedächtnis sagt mir voraus, wie es sein wird, Dinge zu tun, die ich noch nie zuvor getan habe. Ich erlebe Szenen aus meiner Erinnerung wieder. Ich denke gerne, dass meine Bilder immer optimistisch und äußerst positiv sind und einen Raum der Reflexion und Ruhe schaffen. Einige stellen abstrakte Fragen, während andere einfach ein Grund sind, innezuhalten, zu schauen, Luft zu holen und sich zu erinnern.

Ich habe an Gruppen- und Einzelausstellungen teilgenommen. Meine Arbeiten wurden auch für Privatsammlungen in Irland, Deutschland, den USA, Indien, Jordanien, Südafrika, Großbritannien, Libanon, Island und Dänemark erworben.

3 meiner Bilder hängen im HSE Corporate Finance Center, Irish Government Building, Dublin, Irland.

Lough Coirib  2016
acrylic paint and copper panel on canvas


Orfhlaith Egan: Paintings from the Mountains to the Lake. Irish landscape paintings. Berlin Art Exhibition. Berlin Art Studio & Gallery. Irish Artist based in Berlin.

August 2017

Solo exhibition

June 2018

Oberbaumbrücke Group Exhibition, Berlin

Lough Coirib, 2016. Acrylic and copper on canvas. 100x70cm. Original contemporary landscape painting by Irish artist Orfhlaith Egan. Featured artist on

January 2019

Group Exhibition

What an exhilarating experience to live paint at last years Unitex-Congress at Ulm Messe. Thank you to Now Communication, Area Management and Staff Solutions for the opportunity and support.


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